This room is located on PIN Escape Location 3 – Google Map Link > Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 92 (Blok 30, Novi Beograd)

You can watch a video on exactly how to get to our entrance here.


You have come to a small town in the Wild West where new locals are not welcome and every new one is suspected of being a member of a gang. Upon entering the city, you were taken to the Sheriff’s Office to determine who you are and what you are. After a long interrogation, the Sheriff decided that you could stay in his town, but only under one condition. The sheriff got drunk the night before in the famous bar “High Noon Saloon” and lost his badge somewhere. In order not to embarrass himself in front of his locals, he needs the help of reliable people who will return to the bar and find his badge. Keep in mind that the local scoundrels certainly hid the badge well because the Sheriff beat them at poker and this way they will surely be able to take good revenge on him. Find a badge and gain the Sheriff’s trust and the opportunity to stay in this wonderful town.


2 persons  – 4000 RSD

3 persons  – 5000 RSD

4 persons  – 5500 RSD

5 persons  – 6000 RSD

6 persons  – 6500 RSD

*Please wait up to 10 second after sending your request for reservation. You will get confirmation of your reservation by e-mail or phone within one hour.

*In case of cancellation of your game, please let us know AT LEAST 24 hours in advance!

July 2024
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2-6 participants