It’s almost midnight and you can’t sleep because of the loud and strange sounds from your neighbor’s house. Your neighbor has always been a strange guy and you were convinced that in his free time he summons demons. Due to the unbearable noise, you still decided to check if everything was OK with him. The door is open but your neighbor is not answering your call. You decide to enter, however, as soon as you step inside, the door closes behind you. In search of a neighbor, you reach his study. You will find astonishing schemes of a device that revives evil souls. You soon realize that the screams you heard were not the screams of your neighbor but the screams of 4 creatures programmed to come to life at midnight. You have to stop this creepy ritual! Bring these creatures back to the world they belong to and escape the spooky room before it’s too late!


2 persons  – 4000 RSD

3 persons  – 4500 RSD

4 persons  – 5000 RSD

5 persons  – 5500 RSD

6 persons  – 6000 RSD

*Please wait up to 10 second after sending your request for reservation. You will get confirmation of your reservation by e-mail or phone within one hour.

*In case of cancellation of your game, please let us know AT LEAST 24 hours in advance!

September 2023
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun






2-6 participants