Dracula’s Chambers


You came to visit secret chambers for which rumors says that Count Dracula was last seen in them. While exploring his chambers, suddenly you realize that the guardian of the chambers has fooled you, and locked you! You are in big danger, you sense fear and don’t see the way out of this situation. You beg the guardian to release you, but there is no answer. You have to solve all the obstacles that Count Dracula prepared for you in order to escape from this though situation. Hurry up! You have only 60 minutes, or you will stay locked forever!


2 persons  – 3000 RSD

3 persons  – 3500 RSD

4 persons  – 4000 RSD

5 persons  – 4500 RSD

*Please wait up to 10 second after sending your request for reservation. You will get confirmation of your reservation by e-mail or phone within one hour.

*In case of cancellation of your game, please let us know AT LEAST 24 hours in advance!






2-5 participants